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"All the things that were once seen as subversive and dangerous like tattoos and piercings, drugs and interracial sex, fetishism. All these things, they sort of crop up on X factor now on family viewing.
The one thing you won’t see though, underarm hair… ~~The last truly dangerous thing~~"

— Grayson Perry (via la-la-blues)


(via Odessa Straub, from Renaissance drapery to cartoon bubbles the path is short | Conceptual Fine Arts)

Torey ThorntonShh. Come inside. It’s so warm., 2014Acrylic, velvet and collage on wood panel72 x 86 inches

“Marie sometimes did more than merely write. In 1999, in East Timor, she was credited with saving the lives of 1,500 women and children who were besieged in a compound by Indonesian-backed forces. She refused to leave them, waving goodbye to 22 journalist colleagues as she stayed on with an unarmed UN force in order to help highlight their plight by reporting to the world, in her paper and on global television. The publicity was rewarded when they were evacuated to safety after four tense days.
This was the essence of Marie’s approach to reporting. She was not interested in the politics, strategy or weaponry; only the effects on the people she regarded as innocents. ‘These are people who have no voice,’ she said. ‘I feel I have a moral responsibility towards them, that it would be cowardly to ignore them. If journalists have a chance to save their lives, they should do so.’
The people of East Timor did not forget their saviour. At the end of her Sunday Times report about her Sri Lankan experience, she wrote: ‘What I want most, as soon as I get out of hospital, is a vodka martini and a cigarette.’ Later that week, having moved briefly to a New York hotel, she was woken by a room-service waiter bearing a tray with a huge bottle of vodka and all the ingredients for her drink of choice. She discovered it had been ‘fixed, God knows how, by the East Timor crowd, the people in the compound’.” - The Guardian’s Roy Greenslade, on journalist Marie Colvin, who was killed by shelling in Syria Wednesday.
[Photo: Marie Colvin in the A&E documentary “Bearing Witness,” on women in war zones. Credit: A&E Indie Films via NY Times]

This parrot fish

look how perfect

An overhead view of semifinal action between ZRK Vardar and ZRK Buducnost. (via Women’s Handball Final Four - Photos - -)

Sony World Photography Awards